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IPC Services maintains a state-of-the-art fleet which includes specialized equipment to collect, transport, and dispose of wastewater, liquid waste, sludge, and solids. Our maintenance facility and team of experienced, trained and certified mechanics perform regular inspection and maintenance to ensure peak reliability and availability of our specialized industrial cleaning equipment.

Our Hi-Flow Super Vacuum Trucks are Wet/Dry Vacuum & Hi-Dump Equipped
Super Vacuum Trucks

Our specialized Hi-Flow Vacuum Trucks provide an industry leading 27” of vacuum to handle removal of both wet and dry waste. Waste can be pumped-off, vacuumed transferred to boxes or because our trucks have the ability to scissor lift and hi-dump 60” we can dispose of cleanout material directly into roll-off boxes for quick and easy disposal.

Super Vac Trucks

Vacuum Trucks and Tankers are used to collect fluids that range from fresh water, to brine, sludge, and waste oil. Our specialized trucks haul from project site to approved disposal sites with capacities ranging from 4,200 gallons to 5,460 gallons meeting our customers’ specific project needs. Included in our fleet are specialized vacuum trucks and tanker trailers certified to haul hazardous material and waste safely to disposal.

Our Roll-Off Vehicles provide Rapid Delivery & Pickup
Super Vac Trucks

Roll-off boxes and vacuum boxes are used to contain a variety of liquid, sludge, semi-solid and solid wastes. IPC provides these box rentals along with single and dual roll-off trucks for rapid delivery and pickup of waste collected and stored in the boxes.

Frac Tank Winch Trucks for the Oil & Gas Industry
Frac Tank

Used predominantly in the oil & gas industry, our winch trucks pick-up and transport frac tanks to and from project sites for fluid storage for drilling rigs, completion operations, and oil & gas pipeline installation and testing. Our specialized trucks can also be used to haul tanks for on-site storage of water or other liquids in industrial and environmental applications.

Drum Retrieval Vehicles
Drum Retrieval Vehicle

IPC’s 24 foot tandem axle drum retrieval truck is used to remove and haul full drums to disposal and deliver fresh drums with packing supplies to customers with one simple call. Our drivers have extensive expertise and comply with DOT shipping laws and documentation.

Flatbed Trailers
Flatbed Trailers

Our flatbed trailers pulled by our fleet of day-cabs ready and available to haul super sacs of solidification/stabilization material, pipe, palletized chemicals, spill/remediation supplies, and more.

Frac Tanks
Frac Tank

With both round bottom and square bottom tanks available for rent - IPC has the right tank for our customers’ short-term or long-term storage needs and the right trucks to deliver and pick them up.

Additional Industrial Cleanup Equipment
Frac Tank

Dump trailers and light construction equipment including mini-excavators and skid loaders are available to accomplish your specialized waste disposal, emergency spill response, and transportation projects.