DSCN0144IPC’s Energy Services Division offers upstream services to exploration and production companies in the Appalachian Basin.  Current products and services include super vacuum cleaning services, hot water pressure washing and rig washing, cold weather services (boilers and steamers), winch truck and tank moving services, frac tank rentals, and bulk solidification material sales.  Poised for continued growth, IPC’s Energy Services Division boasts a fleet of GapVax Super Vacuum trucks, hot water pressure washer trailers, winch trucks, water trucks, frac tanks, and support vehicles as well as an on‐site repair facility to provide customers with fast and reliable service.


IMGMud System Cleaning: IPC provides around-the‐clock, mud system cleaning with our fleet of GapVax Hi‐Dump Super Vacs.  IPC’s crews quickly and efficiently clean water or oil based fluids from pits, tanks, half‐rounds and shakers. Our crews use hot water pressure washing trailers to wash the interior and exterior of the tanks, piping, and other parts of the rig.

Frac Tank Cleaning: IPC will start by reclaiming good mud from frac tanks and transport it, via water trucks to your next site. We then clean out any remaining sludge and solids from the tanks with one of our GapVax Hi‐Dump Super Vacs, and pressure wash the inside and outside of the tanks so they are ready to move to the next site. After the cleaning is done, IPC can haul the frac tanks to the next location, using one of our winch trucks.

Spill/Containment Cleanup: Our experienced and trained personnel can isolate and clean‐up any on‐site spill to prevent soil or water contamination. In addition, IPC’s staff can clean containment before it is torn down and disposed of at the end of a job.

IMG_0618Rig Washing: Our hot water pressure washing trailers are not only used to clean mud tanks, frac tanks, and containment, but are also available for rig washing services for site maintenance as well as full rig cleans in preparation for rig moves.

Solidification/Stabilization Material Sale and Delivery: IPC’s solidification materials are made from all‐natural products and are environmentally safe for use on well sites and at disposal facilities. Our products include switch grass based, wood based, agricultural and polymer blends, and corn based products.  Available for delivery in super sacks or by bulk trailer loads and delivered 24/7/365.

Picture24Tank Rental: IPC Services’ is equipped to rent, spot, and manifold flat, round, and upright tanks based on our customers’ needs.  With access to 500bbl Flat Bottom Tanks, Flowback Tanks with Diffusers, Open Top Gas Buster Tanks, 500bbl Upright Tanks, and 500bbl Round Bottom Frac Tanks with dual front‐mounted manifolds and a 6” horizontal mud line that runs the length of the tank with 5 mud‐guns that allow for complete fluid circulation IPC has the tanks you need ready to rent.