600-pressurewasher image (2)IPC Services’ Environmental Services Division encompasses both our site remediation as well as emergency response services.  As a leading environmental response and site remediation solutions company, IPC works with with clients in many industries including steel mills, chemical plants, mining facilities, public utilities, well sites, railroads and interstates.  Our reputation for providing the best, most complete and cost‐effective response is what sets IPC apart from our competitors.

IPC’s emergency response line is manned with a live IPC employee 24/7/365. IPC owns and maintains a variety of specialized equipment designed to effectively and efficiently contain, cleanup, and remediate contaminated sites.  With years of experience, we are able to blend available technology with practical field experience to deliver the highest quality product.

Oil-Spill-ResponseOur professionals are standing by 24/7/365, to respond to a broad range of emergencies:

  • Water Oil Spill Response
  • Petroleum product transfer
  • Land Based Oil Spill Response
  • Marine and Near‐Shore Environments
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Natural Disasters
  • emergency-spill-response-01Biological/Infectious Waste
  • Railcar Product Transfers
  • Tanker Truck Rollover Response & Transfer
  • Transportation and Disposal Of Contaminated Waste
  • Sampling For Final Laboratory Analysis – Full Analytical Services

IPC is a licensed, USEPA and DOT‐approved hazardous and non‐hazardous waste transporter. Through extensive training and experience our operators will deliver the right cleanup, transportation, and remediation solution for your needs with a variety of equipment:

  • Super Vacuum Truck
  • Hydro‐Excavation Units
  • IMG_0728Transport Trailers
  • Lined Corrosive Tank Trailers
  • Dump Trailers And Trucks
  • Rolloff Trailers And Trucks
  • Rolloff Boxes, Vacuum Boxes, Sludge Boxes, Clam Shell Boxes
  • Lowboy Trailer
  • Flatbeds And Drop‐Deck Trailers
  • Pneumatic Trailers
  • Water Trucks (110bbl Baby Bottles and Transporters)